Miss mist

Miss Mist

Miss Mist is a fictional superhero created by the creator of this Wikki, kndnumbah5.   She has storm powers, allowing her to create strong winds, shoot lightning bolts, and fly.  Her emotions can also sometimes affect the weather.  (When she is happy it gets very sunny, when she is sad it starts to rain, when she is angry it becomes stormy.)  T-Storm is her twin brother, and she has had an on and off relationship with Icee.  She is obsessed with looking her best, and spends all her money on hair care products, though no matter what she does to her hair it always looks the same.  She gained her powers when she was struck by lightning in third grade.  Sometimes she can be a bit full of herself.  she lives with her dad and brother in a small apartment.  (Her mom left when she was a baby.)

Her real name is Mysti Spencer, a wanna-be popular girl who does everything she can to fit in but always ends up being teased.  She if often tempted to give away her super-secret to gain more respect from her classmates, but is always talked out of it by her friends.  She is 14.