Shooting star

Shooting Star in her costume.

Shooting Star is a fictional superhero created by the creator of this Wikki, kndnumbah5.   She has the power of high-speed flight, and the ability to make controled force fields.  If she concentrates, she can make the force fields super sharp, or soft as a pillow.  Sometimes, however she will become distracted and strange things will start happening.  Sometimes she seems rough around the edges, but inside she is soft and sensitive.  She takes great pleasure in teasing T-Storm, who she has abit of a love/hate relationship with.  As a baby she was kidnapped by a villian named Sacrow, but on the way to his secret lair she fell out of his flying motorcycle.  She spent the first ten years of her life in a dumpy orphanage, until her rich parents (both superheros) found her and saved her.  

Her real name is Sami Smith, the independent girl who always stands out and doesn't care what others think of her. She is 15.